Big Sexy Casting Rod

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Big Sexy Casting Rod
Big Sexy sparkles on the bottom, super enforced Kevlar wrap base with a circular graphite cloth upper. You have it all in one rod! Sexy, strength, and action! Designed for the big horsing, speed bass fishing we all love to do.

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Skyflex 36T – Korean manufacturer SK prepreg.  Modulus 36 TON (~53 Msi)


    The new concept of placing the rings, which uses a new type of rings KL-H, was introduced by Fuji in 2012. The basic principle of the new concept is the so-called fast cone principle, which consists of only three rings of small diameter on high legs. This allows you to quickly put down the fluctuations of the fishing line and prevents it from rubbing against the rod blank in front of the inlet ring. In addition, the K-R concept assumes a reduction in the total mass of rings and unloading of the rod tip through the use of small running guides. Using the K-R concept improves a number of rod specifications:

    – Reduction in weight

    – Improvement in the balance

    – Increase in casting distance

    – Increase in the accuracy of casting.

    Lighter, stronger & greater durability for maximum performance 


MLS - Multi Layer Structure 

All Favorite rod blanks are produced from a layering combination where carbon of different modulus and different fiber directions, allows us to achieve the desired rod action, increase the durability and lower the rod weight. Multiple carbon layer combinations with diverse fiber directions are used. Lengthwise (unidirectional) provides blank stiffness. Layers with different fiber directions (multidirectional) provide strength and torsional load resistance.



FX grid: This X-like carbon tape blank wrapping is used on the butt and middle sections of the blank making it more durable and increasing the rod power. It allows us to build the rod with a flexible upper part which performs well during casting of light lures.

Model Length Lure Weight Line Weight Power Action Weight, oz MSRP





Medium Heavy


5.4 oz








5.9 oz




1/2 - 2


Extra Heavy


6.6 oz




3/8 - 3/4


Medium Heavy


6.5 oz




5/16-1 1/4



extra fast

6.5 oz


Big Sexy! The name kind of says it all! This unique, flashy designed rod is definitely going to have everyone asking what kind of rod this is. Your answer, “My Favorite Big Sexy!” In naming this rod every time we looked at it we said, “Man that’s just sexy!” So here you have it. Sparkles on the bottom, super enforced Kevlar wrap base with a circular graphite cloth upper. You have it all in one rod! Sexy, strength, and action! The sleek newly designed Fuji casting guides release your line with superior speed and accuracy. The machined aluminum and graphite designed Fuji reel seat holds your reel like a baby. Designed for the big horsing, speed bass fishing we all love to do.



Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Awesome rod Went with the 7’H and I love it. Fit and finish is awesome! Buy with confidence!
Eastwood547 (Posted on 11/16/2017)
My new favorite This was my first major rod purchase. I've fished for years and I bought on a budget until now. I with the advise of a great friend was told about the big sexy after some serious thought I took the plunge and man o man what a huge addition to my fishing arsenal. I was so impressed I now own 2 the 7''6" H and the 7'01" you guys are awesome. My new favorite
Fish brain (Posted on 9/9/2017)
Good rod Nice rod and super light. Still need to find time to fish with the rod to fully test though. The only complaint is some small quality control issues in the rod build, none that affect performance but do affect appearance
Sam (Posted on 5/27/2017)
superb. I have the 7' heavy big sexy, and i have to say its one of the best rods ive used. Its light and super sensitive. It looks great and is very balanced with the lews pro that i have paired with it. great rod, and also the tip of this rod is amazing. perfect for skipping and really lets the fish get ahold of the bait before you set that hook, great rod.
A-A-RON (Posted on 3/30/2017)

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