Phantom Casting Rod
Phantom Casting Rod
Phantom Casting Rod
Phantom Casting Rod
Phantom Casting Rod
Phantom Casting Rod
Phantom Casting Rod

Phantom Casting Rod

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Product details

The Phantom sneaks in the market at an amazing price for the quality of the Favorite rod line! With its sleek design, carbon fiber reel seat top, ghostly camo handles, and exposed skeletal rod grip, this rod is sure to have you caught! Built using SkyFlex 30-ton Korean manufactured prepregs and advanced manufacturing techniques such as MLS and FX Grid technology this rod provides superior power and responsiveness. This rod was designed with maximum performance in mind.


  • SkyFlex 30T PrePreg
  • Ghostly camo EVA handles
  • Carbon fiber reel seat tops

Model options








PTMC-601M   6'0"      Medium
1/1-5/8 oz 10-17 lb
PTMC-661MH   6'6"    5.2 oz  Med. Heavy Fast
3/8-1 oz 12-20 lb
PTMC-701MH   7'0"    5.7 oz  Med. Heavy Fast
3/8-1 ozoz 12-20 lb
PTMC7111H   7'11"      Heavy
Ext. Fast 3/8-1 1/2 ozoz 14-25 lb
PTCM-731H   7'3"    6.9 oz  Heavy
3/8-1 1/2 ozoz 12-20 lb
PTMC-731M   7'3"    6.0 oz  Medium
Fast 1/4-5/8 oz 10-17 lb
PTMC-741H   7'4"    6.9 oz  Heavy
Fast 3/8-1 1/2 oz 12-20 lb
PTMC-751MH   7'5"    5.9 oz  Med. Heavy
Mod. Fast 3/8-1 oz 12-20 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not happy at all. Love the look but not the quality

I had a 7'5 MH for maybe 6-8 months when out of nowhere when I casted a 3/8 Oz tungsten weighted Texas rig it flew apart like a 2 peice. I waited way too long to have anythingdone about it nor do I know they qould even do anything. I also had bad luck ou5 of the lunker defender limited edition. Both spinning and casting. My spinning snapped right during a cast, my father was using it so I thought maybe he wiped it hard or something, then with my casting I had it break of a Hooksett. I just had a really bad experienceand honestly if it hadnr happened to me I wouldn't believe it myself because their rods feel amazing but I literally lost over 600$ from them tearing up and I just can't afford to replace somethingthat cost 150$ once a year.

Arthur Davis

When I use it I will let you know lol

Robbie Pack
Phantom Casting Rod

I have 3 Summits 1 Hex 1 Balanced 1 Rush 1 Defender 2 Pro Series and 1 Phantom… The phantom is the only one that has let me down. Set the hook fishing a Jig and it snapped about a foot down from the tip. Other than an eye coming off a pro-series rod, I haven’t had any problems out of any Favorite rods but this one. My warranty is expired so my advice to you is don’t buy this rod. The Pro Series is a better design and has a lifetime guarantee. I love favorite rods the Phantom just isn’t my favorite….


First off let me apologize for the misfortune on the Phantom rod, but I want to thank you for your continued support of our company. For future reference we do have the Favorite Army subscription program that comes with a load of benefits including lifetime warranty on all Favorite owned products.

Stephen Smith
Bought for my son

This was a Christmas gift for my son so after he tries it out I’ll leave feedback

edward lee

Phantom Casting Rod

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