Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing
Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing
Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing
Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing
Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing
Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing
Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing
Soleus Casting Reel Favorite Fishing

Soleus Casting Reel

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Product details

After 2 years of engineering and testing, the Soleus is here, setting a new bar for both design and functionality. Low profile and ergonomic, a casting reel have never felt so natural to hold through a day of fishing.

The Soleus is outfitted with two Spool High-Speed bearings, which provide you with longer and smoother casts - all controlled by a fine-tuned internal centrifugal braking system. Targeting largemouth bass at a local lake, smallmouth bass in heavy current, or even peacock bass in the Amazon?

This reel has you covered with 20lbs of drag! With an aluminum frame, carbon side plates, and strong lightweight components, the Soleus weighs in at just 6.75 ounces. However, don’t let the lightweight design fool you. This reel is rugged.

Each reel is anodized, giving it a sleek look and a finish that will endure the elements and daily use of an avid angler. We stand by the Soleus. That is why we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee, and a 2-year warranty with every Soleus reel you purchase.


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Carbon Side Plates
  • Internal centrifugal braking system

Model options








SLSB6R BLACK 6.6:1 RIGHT 6.75 oz 10+1
SLSR6R RED 6.6:1 RIGHT 6.75 oz 10+1
SLSB7L BLACK 7.3:1 LEFT 6.75 oz 10+1
SLSR7L BLACK 7.3:1 LEFT 6.75oz 10+1

PROP 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information please visit the Prop 65 website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

This is an EXCELLENT Reel! The braking system is similar to Shimano’s AVS Infinity system, but a bit more refined.

It tends to make a winding noise when casting out of the box, but those are the brakes being applied during casts. However, I discovered a hack that silences the system without affecting performance one bit… rub your fingers on your nose and then rub your natural oils onto the tapered brass brake ring!

I know it sounds odd, but trust me, and thank me later!

Love this reel!

Just an excellent all-around do everything well reel!

At first I thought the sound was something wrong with the reel, but I called and the customer service agent explained those were the centrifugal brakes being applied so all was working perfectly. Sounds really cool actually and the sound offers feedback as to what’s going on with the spool/reel throughout the cast, so if you hear something off you can press your thumb down to prevent backlash.

Me personally, o don’t think I’ve ever backlashed this things once I set it perfectly. It’s super smooooth and powerful and the drag is flawless.

Just a fantastic reel and looks killer!

Reel cover

The tel was working just fine. Brand new never taken the cover off. I was using it all day. The cover feel off and the spool feel out when I caught a fish. Can’t use it anymore. Can’t get a new cover. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chance Dodge

Have been using these reels less than a year. 3 of them have the paint peeling off and bubbling up on top. This it with storing them with reel covers on and in my boats rod box. Looks to be some kind of cast metal pieces that won’t hold the paint. They do cast good but not great and make noise from time to time. Think I’m going to just buy lews from now on.

Joe Martin

Freaking love it

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