OL' Salty Spinning Combo

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Introducing the Ol' Salty Combo: Your Ultimate Saltwater Angling Arsenal

Prepare to embark on saltwater angling adventures with confidence, precision, and style with the Ol' Salty Combo. This comprehensive package combines a high-performance saltwater fishing rod and reel, ensuring you have the perfect gear to tackle the challenges of the open sea. Whether you're an experienced saltwater angler or new to the game, this combo is your ticket to a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

Key Features:

  1. Saltwater Toughness: The Ol' Salty Combo is purpose-built to withstand the harsh, corrosive conditions of saltwater environments. The rod and reel are crafted from materials that resist saltwater damage, ensuring the longevity of your gear.

  2. Precision and Power: This combo offers a perfect blend of sensitivity and power. The fishing rod provides exceptional sensitivity, enabling you to detect the subtlest bites, while the reel is designed to handle the strength of hard-fighting saltwater species.

  3. Versatile Options: The Ol' Salty Combo is available in various sizes and configurations to suit a wide range of saltwater fishing techniques. Whether you're casting from a pier, trolling inshore waters, or going after offshore gamefish, this combo adapts to your specific angling needs.

  4. Exceptional Build Quality: Crafted with top-notch components and cutting-edge technology, the Ol' Salty Combo offers unrivaled casting accuracy and control. The guides are designed for long-distance casts, and the reel seat ensures a secure connection between the rod and reel.

  5. Comfortable Handling: Extended saltwater fishing sessions require comfort and ease of use. The combo features an ergonomically designed handle that provides a secure grip, even when wet, allowing you to fish longer and more comfortably.

  6. Stylish Maritime Design: The Ol' Salty Combo boasts a sleek and captivating design that embodies the spirit of saltwater angling. With its maritime-inspired color scheme and impeccable aesthetics, it's a combo that will turn heads on any fishing expedition.

  7. Expert Endorsement: The Ol' Salty Combo is the result of extensive research and development, supported by experts in the field of saltwater angling. It represents our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality, high-performance fishing gear.

Whether you're tangling with powerful pelagics like marlin and sailfish, battling inshore favorites like redfish and snook, or reeling in scrappy species like mahi-mahi and king mackerel, the Ol' Salty Combo is your trusted companion on the salty seas. It's the key to success, cast after cast, and the source of unforgettable memories in the vast world of saltwater angling.

Elevate your saltwater fishing experience with the Ol' Salty Combo, where resilience, sensitivity, and style combine to create the ultimate angling arsenal for your maritime adventures. Don't miss the chance to dominate the saltwater realm—order your Ol' Salty Combo today and set sail for epic battles and memorable catches!

Rod Specs







OLS-731M  7'3" Medium Fast 3/8-3/4oz 8-17lb
OLS-731MH 7'3" Med. Heavy Fast
1/2-1 1/4oz 10-20lb
OLS-781H  7'8" Heavy Fast
3/4-2oz 15-30lb
OLS-7101ExH  7'10" Extra Heavy Fast
1-3oz 17-40lb



Reel Specs





OLS3000   17  Braid 200 Nylon 260  6oz
OLS4000  26 Braid 250 Nylon 230  7oz
OLS5000  26 Braid 240 Nylon 315  7oz
OLS6000  44 Braid/Nylon 360  1.1lb

PROP 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information please visit the Prop 65 website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Daniel Rutan
Get on the water with the Ol'Salty Combo

The past 3 years as a Fishing guide in Mosquito lagoon I have used the Ol'Salty Combo 7'3 Med and Med/Heavy . They have become one of my clients Favorite to combat our local redfish and gator trout . They can take all the abuse that charter fishing deals out and stand up for the challenge day after day . Thank you Favorite Fishing USA !!!


Love it!


5 Star!

Promo Code

Eny body know blue gave that has a promocode

Justin Hayes
Ol Salty

Excellent Combo!

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